Cookie information

The Tracon webshop doesn’t collect any data from the partners which they didn’t give, but herewith our partner especially accepts that the supplier can use on its computer little datapacks, so called cookies in order to serve your demands better.

The partner can delete these cookies from its computer, and he can adjust his browser that it forbids using the cookies.

The partner accepts, that the Tracon Webshop uses so called session cookies and long term cookies as well.

Session cookies are just temporary and store information until the partner uses the webshop, then they will be deleted.

Long term cookies store information for a longer period or until they are manually deleted. The stroring time depends on the settings of the partner’s browser as well.

Our partner accepts that the Tracon Webshop uses several cookies distinguishing them according to their functionalities. These are:

  • Conversional cookies: they make possible to analyse our sales channels
  • Tracking cookies: they help together with the conversional cookies to analyse the channels more precise
  • Remarketing cookies: with the help of these the partner will get more personal contents and advertisements
  • Analytical cookies: they follow the habits of the partner how he/she uses the website
  • Inevitable cookies: the give us data about the basic functions (for example: searching).