Tracon Lighting Laboratory

Our company’s goal to release always quality products from our warehouse to our customers.
To support this intention we created our lighting laboratory where we can control the
lighting parameters of our light sources.

What makes the Tracon guarantee real?

  • Reliable quality is the main criterion in the selection of our suppliers.
  • The technical parameters of our products are systematically checked in our laboratory.
  • We always indicate on our light sources the performances measured by us.
  • The lifespan values of our products were checked under extreme conditions.
  • Our products were submitted to EMC test.
  • We continuously follow and meet the requirements of the newest norms.
  • We offer two-year warranty for our LED light sources and lamp bodies.
  • We offer fi ve-year warranty for our professional LED lamp bodies.
  • Our company is checked and attested according to the ISO 9001 norm.

The tests we do continuously even in our stock products so all of our partners can be sure of the consistent quality of our light sources.

Guests are welcome as well on Tracon Laboratory!