PayPal ™ is a financial institute ensuring payment services without cash, they are specialized in online trade.

PayPal ™ is leading electronic invoices for its clients, which can be uploaded by them with credit card, transfering money or collection from their personal or company invoices.

At online purchase you do not have to give or transmit confidential credit card or invoice information, but the PayPal user name and password are enough to pay.

This is simple, fast, secure, popular, cheap, useful and worldwide used.

How to pay with PayPal:

When you want to pay the items you choose, you will be directed to the site of PayPal, where you have two possibilities:

  • If you already have a PayPal account, you only have to log in with your user name (this is your e-mail address) and password, and after checking the details you have to confirm the payment
  • If you don’t have an account, you have to create one. To this you need your basic data and the data of your credit card.
  • If you are interested to create a new PayPal account, please click on

At creating a PayPal account, you can give the data of your credit card without any worry, as PayPal charges your account only in that case, if your balance isn’t enough to pay the items.