How to buy?

Dear User!

Our web-shop is most user-friendly. To access up-to-date information, you need nothing more than a computer with internet access and a web-browser.

As a new buyer, you will see in the web-shop our current net prices.

The end sum will be function of the quantities and unit prices of the purchased goods. As long as you are already a registered customer of our web-shop and owner of bonuses at Tracon Budapest Ltd., along with these net prices the system will also display the discounted net prices based upon your bonus.


First steps

Prior to your first purchase from our web-shop, you shall have to register yourself. To do so, just click on the Regisztráció – registration menu item, enter an identity code and a password. Further, you are supposed to enter your personal data: name (company name),
e-mail address, phone number and place of destination for the deliveries.

Your registration will become valid, once Tracon Kft. has confirmed it in an e-mail message. Partners with active registration are free to place their orders with us round-the-clock.

Our staff will inform you on delivery as soon as possible.

Once successfully registered, you shall be entitled to place orders with our web-shop!

For further purchases, you shall use your active e-mail address and password.

Have you forgotten your password, click on the Password forgotten option, and enter a new password.

Changing data

Click on the Mailbox inspection option to inspect and change your data.

Are you interested in our newsletter containing new items and other news included in our website, click on the respective options in your mailbox.

Newsletters shall only be mailed to registered Partners!

Checking your issued orders

Registered users of our web-shop, once entered their data and password, may inspect their issued orders under the menu item  My orders. Here you can see the list of your earlier orders, repeat orders on the selected items and check on the status of your current orders. Thus you can immediately see, if delivery has started.

Upon indication of the serial number of any issued order, our Customer Service will also give you the current information on that order!

How to buy?

1.         Select the products needed in one of the ways indicated below:

            ·        From the Product Catalogue menu:

Within the left side menu you can browse among the various groups (categories) of products.

Upon selection, each category can further be undone into sub-categories.

The products of the selected category are shown in the large central region of the screen.

Upon selection of a specific product, along with its name, further data needed for precise identification will be displayed.

Each product is also characterized by a displayed image (photograph), too.

            ·        By using the SEARCH menu option:

Do you know the article number code of the product to be ordered, or just some characters of its denomination, type these data into the Search field, and the program will help you find the desired item.

The articles meeting the search criteria shall be displayed in sequence, in some cases over several screen pages. Search criteria can be further restricted to accelerate the search process.

            ·        By using the Setting up a new order menu option:

If you definitely know the article number codes of the products to be ordered, you can quickly set up the list of the order.

2.         Pick the product items selected and drop them into the virtual basket by acting on the Into the basket button. Upon acting on this button, just one package unit of the selected product will be placed into the basket. In the quantity filed, you can freely modify the amount ordered, as multiples of the unit package.

3.         Upon finished selection, to place your order with us, click on the to the counter button.

4.         If you are a new buyer, without active registration, fill in the appropriate version of the registration sheet: Private person or Company version.

5.         Indicate your delivery details. You are free to ask your ordered goods to be delivered to your registered address (headquarters) or to any other destination.

6.         Select your preferred method of delivery.

7.         Select your preferred method of payment.

8.         Check the data entered, the selected product items, the payable sum, etc. If everything was found OK, click on the Final button.

9.         Your issued order will be confirmed in an e-mail, where the ordered products will be listed. Further e-mail messages will inform you on acceptance of your order and start of delivery.

Products on stock in our warehouse will be usually delivered within 48 hours after order acceptance. For items not on stock, our customer Service will contact you with information on the delivery deadline.

Let us remind you that orders from our web-shop are only accepted from registered Partners. Data entered at registration will be handled confidentially, according to the terms pointed out at data handling.

By placing an order and its confirmation by Tracon Budapest Ltd., a sales contract is made between Tracon Budapest Ltd. as Seller and the Partner as Buyer. Orders and confirmations shall be made in Hungarian language.

Tracon Budapest Ltd. cannot be made responsible for technical problems appeared during the ordering process.

Hopefully, you will use our web-shop to your complete satisfaction.

Please direct any observations at the contacts mentioned in the Contact menu item.

Tracon Budapest Ltd. wishes you good shopping!